Parkway offer advice and consultancy on which hardware is best suited for your needs, the most beneficial software packages and how to manage a network.

  • We are approved dealers for a wide range of products.
  • We are registered by SGS Yarsley ICS to ISO 9001
  • PC's - Printers - Peripherals - Software - Cabling - Modems - The Internet

Authorised Resellers for a Range of Products Including:

Becoming an Authorised dealer is not always a simple operation. Most manufacturers only grant this status after enquiries. We are often required to make a commitment to the manufacturer in terms of training and stock and are expected to maintain good standards of support.

We are only prepared to do this for ranges where we have confidence both in the product and the manufacturer. We want to sell you products from a manufacturer with a good track record. If we feel a manufacturer has let us down we let them know so that their standards can be maintained.

We do not restrict ourselves to a particular manufacturer's products. It's what the customer wants that counts but we will never supply anything that we do not have faith in.

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