Domain Name Registration

Registering a Web site is similar to registering a company name with Companies House. You decide on a title name and if this name is not already in use you pay a fee to register it. This is called a Domain name. Parkway Computer Consultants can arrange this registration for you and advise you on suitable names, i.e., etc.

Can Your Business Afford Not To Have A Web Site?

The Internet is a global computer network made up of hundreds of smaller networks linked together by the international telephone system. These networks are run by corporations, academic institutions and governments. The Internet is undergoing massive commercialisation and has the potential to revolutionise the way business is done worldwide.

With over 40 million users said to be connected to the Internet and positive projections for the future, it is not surprising that businesses are rushing in to participate.

How Much Will It Cost?

Very little, you can advertise around the world, non-stop, for the same price as a full page advert in the Yellow pages or to print and mail out a mailshot. That is real value for money.  =  £20 +VAT per name for two years registration.
By registering a .uk domain name, you enter into a contract of registration with Nominet UK on their terms and conditions which can be viewed by viewing this link

This is a separate contract to any arrangement you may have with us or any other third party for the provision of internet services. Please read these conditions before confirming with your order

.com cost = £35 + VAT per name for two years registration.

When Do You Register.

Register your name as soon as possible before someone else gets the name of your choice. A front page can be put on the web as a kind of advert "Watch this space for further information" is the commonly used phrase, while your site is under construction.

Who Provides the Service.

Parkway can register your name now - It will be yours within 24 hours.

Organisations called Internet providers, provide the access on the Internet. Due to the nature of the World Wide Web and its unique communication capabilities it is of the utmost importance to provide a secure business environment to allow confidential information to be sent for one user to another.

For names we register

Search Engines.

When your web site is ready to be put live on the Internet, Parkway will register your site with search engines. Although you cannot guarantee inclusion we will try to make your site easy to find when people are surfing the web.


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