Web design is a multidisciplinary project that requires programmers, web designers, and project mangers. This is truer then ever with the coming of e-commerce web sites. Companies increasingly need to add value to their customer relationships through the use of a web site. 

Parkway will help you with every aspect of the design of your web pages from the initial concept, through page design to publishing your information on the Internet. Together we will ensure that your products and services are presented in the best possible manner. 

We believe that a web site should be quick to download and easy to navigate with information clearly available to the audience. To achieve maximum benefit for your company i t is important that the site should be indexed by search engines and appear well in their listings. We design a site to take this into account and can also assist in optimizing an existing site for the search engines. I Frequently quite small changes to the design or the text can make a big difference to the ranking of a site. Designing for the www requires both technical and design skills to produce an effective result. Parkway Computer Consultants are well established in the IT field and our design team has wide experience in graphic and web site design. 


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